How to add scalable and dragable stickers/decals to a .babylonjs scene

Hi all,

I’m trying to import a .babylon model as a scene and adding to this model some decals that appears as scalable and dragable object in order to move them through this scene imported.
I’ve been watching some examples as the following ones:
where you can add images when you click in a part of the scene, but you cannot scale it or move it after that.
In these ones, you have an scalable and dragable image but it is applied using something called “fabric canvas”.

I would like to know if there is a way to add an image able to move it just in the scene and that could be resized, rotated … just using normal babylon without fabricjs.

(My demo is something like this: SmarTeam3D - 3D product viewer, 3D car configurator | 3D advertisement, 3D model viewer, 3D product configurators, virtual tours, virtual reality using WebVR, augmented reality using JSARToolKit, 360 photo viewer)

Thanks y’all!!

Welcome to the forum @Lucia_Gutierrez, it looks like when Babylon create’s a decal, it creates a mesh. You can then do what you want with that mesh but unfortunately positioning/scaling that mesh do not keep it consistent with the surface of the model. I have found that instead of modifying it after its created, you could dispose the old one and create a new decal again. Looks to work here however the performance might not be ideal as its spawning and destroying a bunch of object. You could try recreating the decal less frequently if perf becomes an issue.