Apply image as material to a 3d cuboid

Hey I’m very beginner in babylon js and I got a task to take snapshot of google image in my react app and apply that image as material to a 3d cuboid. Since I was new to babylon js I learnt more about it but as I started learning it I got more doubts and felt more helpless with what to do could you help me ?

hey, Welcome…here are great docs on how to use materials Introduction To Materials | Babylon.js Documentation
if you need to apply different material on each face like this:
see Map Materials to Individual Mesh Faces | Babylon.js Documentation for details and more examples

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This is my codesandbox link where I tried to use babylon js in react with the help of offiicial docs and I also tried to get a cuboid.

But I’m unable to get the result as shown in

You need to setup CSS and camera correctly

look here more

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