Apviz - SaaS Cloud-based 3D configurators

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Our company Hapticmedia is using Babylon.js since 2014! And some of us (vousk, nico, yuccai, pierre, yvele) contributed a little bit to Babylon.js.

We have created Apviz, a SaaS cloud-based 3D product configuration tool for e-commerce. It allows retailers to describe their products, visualize and customize interactive 3D products, connect product lifecycle, and manage and update products. Its features include 3D product rendering, product customization, text engraving, image web-to-print. Its browser-side JavaScript and GraphQL API can be integrated on any website.

Thank you so much for Babylon.js and thanks deltakosh for it’s kindness :wink:

I made a quick video that showcase how Babylon.js is used within Apviz:



Feel free to visit our apviz.io website, there are also some code integrations and demos on the documentation page: How to integrate a 3D configurator to a website | Apviz.io (with JSFiddle and CodeSanbox links to play around :wink: )

Apviz and Hapticmedia are focused on high quality rendering for luxury brands, let me know what do you think about or rendering, and about 3D configurators business :crossed_fingers:

(PS: I’m sending this just before going to holidays, hope to read feedbacks after I come back :wink: )


Woot! this is excellent!

@PirateJC we need to add it to our homepage


Yes, thanks to all for the work and continuous improvements of BJS!!

Special friendly nod to all those in the beginning (@Deltakosh, @RaananW, Temechon, @davrous, @JCPalmer, @julien-moreau, @Dad72, and later on @nasimiasl, @sebavan… sorry for those I forget).
And of course, I’m pretty sure we’ll get a reaction from old beloved fellow @Wingnut, always on the lookout for various achievements with BJS :wink:


Niiiiiiiiice! Product configuration is the future of e-commerce :rocket:


Looks really cool :slight_smile: Are the ground contact shadows pre-baked or realtime. In case it‘s the latter, would you mind sharing how it‘s done? :grimacing:

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@thomasaull Pre-baked shadows :wink:

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Thanks :slight_smile: