AR.js / jsartoolkit Integration with Babylon.js?

As I’m constantly checking my technology / library stack I currently stumbled across updates to the AR.js library, which now also features GPS based tracking. Jeromee Etienne, the former maintainer of AR.js already did some work to make the library usable with other WebGl platforms including babylon.js. Now they are focusing again more on on three.js only (which makes sense in terms of focusing on new features).

I created an issue concerning the future use of other WebGl librarys (including my all-time favorite), maybe some discussion / joined forces could be initiated.
Please also see:

I know that in the long run WebXR will be the primary way (if apple finally gets moving), but in the meantime such features could be valuable. See also Playcanvas, which also integrates basic jsartoolkit support.
As soon as i have some spare time I will check the old jsartoolkit + babylon.js integration (Babylon 2.5)
But maybe other people are interested in a cleaner integration als well.


adding @syntheticmagus who is our AR overlord

Please also note that we do support WebVR with AR (@RaananW)

Thanks for your reply. Of course you are right. But AR.js’ approach (as somewhat hackish as it at least used to be) or jsartoolkit in general are still currently a kind of polyfill, which enables markerbased AR on a wide range of devices & browsers without setting flags or similar. We’ve created some projects using it already a few years ago (although the hassle I had back then with the combination of ar.js + three.js finally sealed my move to Babylon.js). Back then it actually worked on my old Note II: Augmented Reality für das Kuratorium Pfahlbauten | P&R Kommunikationsberatung und Mediengestaltung OG

But now it seams as they are cleaning the api and maybe that could justify a look, also in combination with geobased tracking.

WebXR’s AR features are slowly being implemented. They are not complete yet, but will eventually be the AR features we will support.

Until then I will be happy to see what we can do to help AR.js integration with babylon.js


Hi to all here! :smiley: :wave:
Nice that you are interested in AR.js. As explained to @Rechi in the github issue i don’t know when it will be possible the integration with AR.js. But we could start with some utilities as done for three.js in jsartoolkit5 see artoolkit.three.js jsartoolkit5/artoolkit.three.js at master · artoolkitx/jsartoolkit5 · GitHub, i started here in this branch, but my Babylon.js knowledge is very poor at the moment… I have not time to work on at the moment, but maybe i will ask support for this.
As final note there is also the port of the new version of Artoolkit ( named ArtoolkitX) by Thorsten Bux to javascript ArtoolkitX.js augmentmy-world/artoolkitX.js that can be loaded as a module.
and to complete Andreas Schallwig is doing his version of jsartoolkit5 with full support for NodeJS/ES6 module that is artoolkit5-js andypotato/artoolkit5-js

p.s. @Rechi in my branch the example is updated to a newest Babylon.js version…
Sorry but i can not put more of two links… :disappointed_relieved:


Heya, I second this request! Got some good AR ideas I want to make, and I love BabylonJS. But, I’d also like to have native support with hardware acceleration. Is this a pipe dream ?

I started to develop a little project only for NFT markers ARnft with Babylonjs. The original version use Three.js renderer but i would love to add Babylonjs. ARnft is based on JsartoolkitNFT a lighter version of Jsartoolkit5. The integration is almost done, unfortunately i haven’t solved an issue, but maybe some of you can give me some advice. I can not get to display a model, probably i don’t pass in the right way the transformation matrix to the root, or maybe there is something else because my Babylonjs knowledge is a bit limited. Maybe i will open another topic on this subject, but if soemone has the pleasure to try my little lib, i will be very happy! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley: