Babylonjs AR for cross platform working

Hello, I’m currently working on Babylonjs AR that it doesn’t support with safari on iOS. I want to know that is there any free libraries that is available to integrate with babylonjs. ( Needed for marker based tracking & Plane tracking).

cc @BabylonNative
maybe @ryantrem knows?

Babylon.js uses WebXR, and Safari does not implement WebXR. Your options are:

  1. Use a WebXR polyfill (or make one). It’s possible one exists using aframe or something like that, for example (not sure).
  2. Use an XR alternative to WebXR that has its own integration with Babylon.js (again, something could exist for aframe, for example).
  3. Use Babylon Native within a native iOS app, rather than Babylon.js within a web app. Babylon Native has a WebXR implementation for iOS, so all the WebXR features of Babylon.js work in that context.

@RaananW - other thoughts?

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On top of those wonderful suggestions, i have had good experience with - Variant Launch - WebXR on iOS and Android without installing an app (

It’s a bit tricky to get working, and only supports a few of the many webxr features, but it does work!

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This isn’t actively maintained, but you can maybe also try this: BabylonJS/BabylonAR: Home of the Babylon.AR project (

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Does it supports in safari on iOS ? I’ve tried with image tracking in openCV with babylonjs but it doesn’t even turned on camera in safari, simply in the white screen. Is there any other libraries available for free?

@RaananW as mentioned variant launch even the plane tracking is not properly working in safari.
@ryantrem mentioned WebXR polyfill, it worked in Mozilla WebXR viewer but not in safari.

TBH - the best you can do is complain to Apple that they don’t implement web standards in Safari and they don’t let people install other browsers (well, other rendering engines). That’s 100% On them.

Variant doesn’t support all webxr features, i did mention that. There are other solutions that provide good AR support on iOS (8th wall comes to mind), but they are not working using web standards. They have their own API, and they are a commercial product so you will need to pay to use them commercially.

Apple. I do hope someone there is reading this.