AR.JS or BabylonAR? Image/Tag Anchor Options for WebXR AR?

Hi! New to the community but absolutely LOVE how fast this project is moving. I’ve been reading about the upcoming Chrome 81 release that’ll support the AR implementation of WebXR which is great! But I’ve noticed it’ll support only immersive and raycasting to a ground, but not image/tag/object anchor detection.

I’m looking to find an image/object AR anchor web framework and looked at AR.js. But didn’t find an example that works with Babylon (saw a bunch of three examples). But knowing that BabylonAR is in the works, any thoughts on where to run for web-enabled AR that works best with Babylon, but doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deploy (that’s definitely not me).

Adding @RaananW and @syntheticmagus our own AR VR …R gurus