ArcRotateCamera bugs in some mobile browsers

With ArcRotateCamera, the lower end browser on the mobile terminal, such as the browser provided by the mobile phone, does not support Pointer events, but I use pep Js, you can get the effect of single finger rotation without double finger translation and scaling. For browsers that support Pointer events, you can get the effect of double finger translation and scaling.

cc @PolygonalSun

I’m not 100% sure that I understand what the specific issue is here. Are you saying that pointer events on older mobile browsers aren’t supported so you’ve had to use PEP to get the functionality? If so, what browsers (and browser versions, if possible) are you seeing this with?

Uc browser, version v12.0.2.995. Older browsers do not have pointer events. My previous translation may be wrong. For browsers that do not support pointer event,Use pep Js, the function of double finger translation and zoom is invalid

Sorry about the delay on response on this. This completely fell of my radar. As far as what’s going on with pep.js, I’m wondering if the code that determines the prefix to use for pointer events (eg. pointer or mouse) is not returning pointer. If BABYLON.Tools.GetPointerPrefix(engine) is returning mouse, that means that it’s imcorrectly treating your touch inputs as mouse inputs. This would explain why two-finger gestures aren’t working.