BabylonJS V5.1 ArcRotateCamera double finger zoom problem

Hello Doctor, I use BabylonJS ArcRotateCamera camera, after opening it in wechat of IOS version, Dingding of IOS version and Quark browser of IOS version, there is a problem with double finger zooming, how should I solve it? I have checked BabylonJS V4.2 to make demo. Two-finger zooming can be used normally in wechat of IOS, but babylonJS V5.1 cannot use two-finger zooming.

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Hey @a-wit, are you also seeing this behavior in Safari or just in those mentioned browsers?

Hello @PolygonalSun ,Only the browsers I mentioned have this problem;How can I solve it?

Hey @PolygonalSun ,Today, using listen for input events and double-finger zooming in Safari browser of Ipad, we found no output triggering double-finger zooming events in console.log(). Only click and double-click events are output. However, using the middle mouse button to zoom “console.log()” in the PC output triggers the zoom event;

Okay, would you be able to create a Playground of your code so that I could better understand and troubleshoot what’s going on?

Hello @a-wit just checking in, are you still having issues?