ArcRotateCamera does not work at beta = 0 with panningAxis set to [1, 0, 1]

When looking directly down at a scene with an ArcRotateCamera with panningAxis [1,0, 1] you can’t pan vertically anymore.


Let me take a look!

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Check out the paragraph below the arcrotatecamera image Camera Introduction | Babylon.js Documentation

Yeah but you even get this problem when a user manually adjusts the camera until beta = 0. And even before hitting 0, you notice that camera starts panning more slowly as you approach beta = 0.

There are workarounds for this problem because this isn’t an issue with other orbital camera implementations.

This is still on my radar. I’m a bit busy atm but I’ll find a fix soon.


PR is live : Fix ArcRotateCamera panning with axis decomposition by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #9470 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Dears, I also have a question in this regard.
Where the doc says " Setting beta to 0 or PI can, for technical reasons, cause problems…" it doesn’t describe what sort of problems.
Like can I assume that one of the problems is the rendering for a material zOffset? I’m asking because whenever I view my offseted material from this exact angle, I get flickering. Otherwise, it’s fine in all cases, so I believe it isn’t because of the depth set on the material.