ArcRotateCamera Right-click cannot be translated

I set the target of the camera, and it can’t move.

Can you repro in the playground?

As the camera was attached to the box it could not be translated. So the solution is to attach it to a clone of the box position:

If the mesh is large, the camera will not automatically adjust the best view to allow the camera to see all the mesh ?

What format is good for 3DMAX export?. Babylon?. glb?. gltf?

all are good
you can then set the camera to first target the box and later on switch to its position.clone to move it

Right mouse button translation appears this

This seems to be the context menu of the canvas. I disabled it for my project with this:

canvas.oncontextmenu = () => {
        return false;

I think i found this solution in this thread.

Thank you!

please how we can disable the right click of the mousse ? i dont want to active the translante mode

Hi @mixofo.

Try this:

scene.activeCamera.panningSensibility = 0;


Thanks! This helped.

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