ArcRotationCamera View/Projection Matrix Bug In WebGPU

ArcRotationCamera View/Projection didn’t work the same between WebGL and WebGPU.
This is PG with ArcRotationCamera, you can change it to WebGL/WebGL2 to see different.

This is PG with FreeCamera, It work correct both WebGL and WebGPU

It seems that the bug: depthRender renderring mesh with culling front is fix
Wishing to new version of update

The NDC range for the z component is 0…1 in WebGPU, not -1…1.

So you should directly use the value from the depth map and not do (d - 0.5) * 2.0. You have a IS_NDC_HALF_ZRANGE define that let you know the range is 0…1:


Ohhh, thank you very much

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