Are there plans to add support for cesium(3dtiles)?Or improve the size of the babylon format?

Are there plans to add support for cesium(3dtiles)
The babylong format is 5-10 times the size of the glb file compressed with gltf pipeline?
The incremental loading function of the babylon format has no advantage over the compressed glb format

Did you checked the gzipped size ?

I do not think we have a plan so far to support the cesium format or 3d tiles but it is an awesome ask. We are totally open to PR would you want to contribute ?

I have seen quite a few demo where ppl were implementing their own system and I wonder if the community could give you pointers on how they accomplished this ?


Can Draco mesh compression be applied to the babylon format?

I do not think so but nothing prevents you to manually hook in the darcoCompression manually.

cc @bghgary ?

I don’t think Draco can be used with .babylon format as there is no mesh class that supports Draco directly. It is an external class that decompresses to vertex data.

@sebavan @bghgary
A similar implementation already exists
Using Loaders |

It would be an awesome contrib if someone wants to integrate with Babylon.js. :slight_smile:

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