Missing Babylon after one week of working with Three.js

When I had to select a 3D engine for the commerce platform we were building at the time, after researching options, I chose Babylon and never looked back. I am currently working on a project with a sub who is using Three.js. I am fighting the urge with every fiber of my being to rewrite the sub’s stack using BJS. I’ve never questioned that Babylon is the most enjoyable developer experience not just for a 3D engine, but across all 3rd party packages I have worked with. But after working with Three.js, I have an even greater appreciation for the beautiful design of Babylon, the simplicity of the interface without sacrificing power and flexibility, and the amazing team and community that supports it all. So grateful to @Deltakosh and the entire team for creating and supporting the amazing Babylon ecosystem.


Thanks a lot buddy! This is gold to read (No I’m not crying!!! There are some ninjas cutting onions around here)


oignons stuff flying accross the ocean I believe
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I would totally echo this. I’ve done some Three JS work recently and it always feels like going home when I get back to work with Babylon. I can build the same thing in both, but it’s often way more work in Three than Babylon.

Bonus: Babylon docs are at least 1000 times better too.


The worst thing about Three.js is that every release break somethings, and the author doesn’t want to hear about SemVer. You are basically locked with the version you started your project on.

Babylon is hundreds of times more mature, stable, reliable and professional.
And the community is awesome !