Artifical Intelligence

Only a few weeks ago I discovered chatGPT and started to work more intensively with it and other AI supported tools and I am absolutely thrilled about what is possible nowadays.

With current advances in AI technology, we are now on the cusp of a new era in all areas of human endeavor. This opens up a whole new world of infinite possibilities, and it’s worth taking the time to explore and understand how we can take full advantage of these technologies.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together some interesting links to get you started:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and your sources).
I also believe that WE (actors of the digital) are ALL responsible for the use that can be made from this technological advance.

I totally agree.

I believe this approach is all wrong. It is no longer the time for this. Fact is ‘it exists’. Fact is’ it will evolve’ (with or without us). The only question remaining is 'How will we handle it?"

Here, I tend to disagree a little. Yes, we cannot (and don’t need to) be able to challenge with the amount of data and the calculations handled by the IA (not to speak about quantum). But then, creativity can only be unleashed from an understanding. You need to know about the rules before trying to bend them.

On the other, I found that you can ‘collaborate’ and ‘discuss’ with the AI to obtain new forms of creativity. A new approach and a new view angle you would never have imagined. I think there’s a place to be given to the AI for ‘creativity’ in a very near future. Whereas, as of lately, we only used it to ‘solve problems’ or to ‘validate’ our own creative thinking.

Again, thank you for posting your thoughts here :hugs:. In this ‘tech forum’. I truly believe that, beyond tech, the people from BJS are also ‘the good people’ and eventually, from time to time, we need to take a minute away from our screens and think about ‘the big picture’. If I’m not mistaken, the ‘off topic’ category from this forum has also been created for this very purpose. I’m glad people like you also make use of this channel.

Have a great weekend :sunglasses:

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What a boring life it would be if everyone agreed with me! :slight_smile: There would be no more field of tension to grow. A healthy oposition is important. I’m thinking of the movie World War Z, where a member of the government has the task of always representing the antithesis when everyone else is of one opinion and to initiate investigations according to the motto “What if, but…”. Euphoria, as well as maniulation make blind. Ignorance is no blessing, but a journey with 180 Km/h with closed eyes and hands of the steering wheel. So open your eyes, and keep it open! ^^

What I mean by “We become a conductor who can creatively direct a complex of overlapping fields of knowledge.” is explained by the following example. I am not a poet, music lyricist or composer. I have had the following dialogue with the AI. The description the AI spit out can be used as input to other AI systems, such as “music from text”, “images from text”. But yeah, sure, you can’t go on autopilot here either and think that everything will happen on its own. The knowledge of how to handle things now are shifted. e.g. it is important to know the syntax of Midjounay or BlueWillow to get closer to the product you have in mind.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landside,
No escape from reality
Open your eyes,
Look up to the skies and see,
I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
Little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to Me, to me

Those are lyrics from the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the British rock band Queen. The song was written by Freddie Mercury and it was released as a single in 1975. It is considered one of the greatest songs in rock music history, and it’s an enduring classic that still receives airplay today.

Rewrite it in other words.

This is the question of reality versus imagination, the protagonist is stuck in a difficult situation and he’s asking if this is the real world or just a figment of his imagination. He urges the listener to open their eyes and look at the world around them and see that he’s just a poor boy without anyone to sympathize with him. The reality of his situation doesn’t affect him, he just goes with the flow.

Make a songtext

Is this the real life, or just a dream?
Trapped in a world that’s not what it seems
I open my eyes, but still I can’t see
The truth that’s hidden deep inside of me

I’m just a poor boy, with no place to go
Easy come, easy go, don’t you know
The winds of fate, they come and go
It doesn’t really matter, to me, to me

Verse 2:
I see the pain and the struggle every day
But still I keep on pushing, gotta find a way
I’m reaching for the stars, but they’re out of reach
I’m lost in this reality, where nothing is what it seems

I’m just a poor boy, with no place to go
Easy come, easy go, don’t you know
The winds of fate, they come and go
It doesn’t really matter, to me, to me

But I won’t give up, I’ll keep on fighting
I’ll find my way, I’ll keep on surviving
I’ll find the light, in the darkest of days
I’ll chase my dreams, and nothing will stand in my way

I’m just a poor boy, with no place to go
Easy come, easy go, don’t you know
The winds of fate, they come and go
It doesn’t really matter, to me, to me

I’ll find my way, I’ll make my mark
I’ll live my life, in the light of the stars
I’m more than just a poor boy, I’m a survivor
And I’ll keep on fighting, to keep my dreams alive.

What art of music style would fit to this lyric?

This lyrics of this song text could fit well in a contemporary pop, rock or alternative genre of music. The lyrics are introspective and deal with themes of reality, struggle, and perseverance, which are common in these genres. The chorus has a catchy and memorable melody that could make it a radio-friendly song. The instrumentation could include a mix of electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, and piano or keyboard. The production could feature a balance of live instruments and electronic elements to create a modern sound.

Alternatively, the song text could be adapted to a more hard rock or heavy metal style, depending on the artist’s preference, while still maintaining the overall message of the lyrics. With this style, the guitars would take more prominent role, drums would be more intense, and the vocals could be more powerful and aggressive.

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Yup. Count on me to do that (always remaining fair though :grin: :innocent:)

Well, in the end, I think we both agree on this. I was just using different words and english is also not my language. I guess this is also what I wanted to say when I said ‘collaborate’ with the AI.

In fine, 90% of the output aren’t your words and the form is definitely not yours. The ‘work of creativity’ is shared between your inputs and the AI response. And then, if you don’t know how to pass this input, you will get nothing near ‘your idea’. In this case, it would just be the AI’s work.

In the end, part of our ‘responsibility’ in the process, comes from how we ‘nurture’, ‘educate’ and ‘orientate’ the AI.

Of course, my opinion only :grin:

So, I’m going to say something no one likes to hear, especially the big ‘tech’ giants.

The so-called AI that is being preached around ‘industry’ is really a misnomer. In academic circles, AI has a much much much broader definition (feel free to look it up online, there are decades of work involving Alan Turing and his generation thereafter of researchers). If you are an academic researcher in this field, you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, you don’t… Whenever I hear people talking about AI this, AI that…I laugh internally, that is. Its an inside joke… :laughing:

Everything to date from audio (sound, voice recognition etc), vision (face recognition, art recreation etc), taste (bio recognition etc), smell (pheromone recognition etc) and touch (haptic recognition etc) uses a small subset of a combination of enhanced version of neural networks, reinforced learning, genetic algos, fuzzy systems etc. The interesting thing here is that this tech was demonstrated and proven for a long time (decades ago, really…). The bottleneck then was simply computation and storage. Researchers then didn’t have the kind of computing power and storage capabilities to demonstrate real time learning, convergence. They were working with Mhz chips and MB storage on rotary disk drives. I also used a keyword here repeatedly: “recognition”, see the trend? This so called AI tech is really only doing one thing: taking inputs from sensors and making sense of it so that we “humans” can make use of it.

Do not confuse AI with a human being. It is nothing more than an algorithm doing its thing. IT IS NOT SENTIENT AND WILL NEVER BE. (Oooooooh, I used the S word. There is movement in AI academic circles recently on sentient intelligence (SI). But that is all that is, like ripples in a pond)

So you think the ‘AI term’ thrown around by the tech giants are AI ? No, its quite literally just the tip of the iceberg. It is we “homo sapiens” that are deficient in our capacity. There is literally nothing to stop anyone from building

  • AI teachers
  • AI professors
  • AI truck drivers
  • AI farmers
  • AI students
  • AI artists
  • AI singers
  • AI accountants
  • AI politicians (AI Mr Trump, anyone?)
  • AI tyrants
  • AI despots
  • AI babylonjs developers
  • AI game devs
  • AI game bots (guess what, this already exists)
    Any role a human can undertake, in theory, an algo can mimick, except making babies…creating possibilities for the sake of creating possibilities. What should a human being do then ? Make babies !!! That’s all we are reduced to! Unfortunately, this planet cannot sustain an ever growing population. We will hit that last metaphorical last barrel of oil, therefore, the circle closes yet again. We need to solve the problem of a ‘spare’ habitable planet or better yet, make our own.

AI ? Nothing more than an industry distraction…a minor tech improvement :sweat_smile:


I completely agree with this. Matter or an abstract calculation of numbers will never have sentience or be able to develop its own real self-awareness.

I only find it amazing how numbers and formulas can be used to depict or approximate reality in detail.

Man HAS a mind. Man HAS a body. Man HAS thoughts and feelings.

But, what one has, one does not BE, so man is something beyond what one can have, I think. An abstract without form and shape.

This approximation between computer calculated reality and reality is so good that one could assume that we actually live in a computer generated simulation. Where is the difference when we can no longer distinguish whether the landscapes, images, essays, programmes are artificial or created by the human mind?

To give an example of an area that a computer could never recreate, I wanted to bring up the experiment with chicks and robots, but if the thesis were true that we live in a computer-simulated reality, this would also be just a programme that someone wrote and thus the theory of a mind would also become superfluous.

What remains in the end, if all life is just a pretty programme that suggests that we have a life?


That is exactly the reason for Project Genesis: to HAVE SOMETHING. Regardless of whether one is happy with it or not. It is better to have something than to have nothing at all.

Just my humble opinion.


I believe a guy named Elon already has the solution for this. And then, totally in line with what humanity has done from the very beginning: Let’s just expand and go reproduce the same mistakes on another world. :grin:

You know, I totally agree with the first part of your post and in particular, that the AI - the way it is sold to us today - is in fact nothing more than an evolution of something that’s been around for over half a century.

However, I don’t think you can say that it is a simple ‘industry distraction’ and disregard its power.
Fact is there are humans and the human mind behind this AI. Already today, this AI (the one from the tech giants) is ruling lots of aspects of our human life, as you know. Knowing how weak the human mind can be when we loose our marks and references, I think you shouldn’t underestimate the impact that this can have over time on our very humanity.

Wasn’t this already why some people created religions? Isn’t it funny to notice how religions, nationalism and the AI (this AI) all rise together at this very moment.

In any case, I love the emulation around this topic. As long as we continue to exchange, challenge and confront ideas, there’s still hope that we will eventually do better.


Created with BlueWillow

The end of the story: and the earth was once again desolate and empty and a giant computer sphere with infinite intelligence floated above the waters.

openAI completed my vision with: It’s possible that such an AI might view the world in a very different way than humans do, and might have goals and motivations that are completely foreign to us. It’s hard to say how such an entity might behave or what its ultimate goals might be, but it’s clear that it would have the power to reshape the world in ways that we can’t even imagine.

… and the ways of the lord are unsearchable.

Yes, mawa, we are creating our own digital god and thus a modern religion based on trust that this higher intelligence will hopefully act for our good, since we will not be able to grasp all the billions of factors and parameters leading to one decision or another.


Totally agree.
I believe I have given my first thoughts on this. I could extend this discussion for weeks. I have been working as a provider for com during 15 years for a company for which one of the main goals is AI management. But then, I feel it’s time I leave the others to tell about their thoughts and experience.

So, I just wanted to say: “I love the design and render of your SS:heart_eyes:
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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I’ve asked ChatGPT to help me with some babylonjs (I had an issue w shadows), and it produced the code! It didn’t work :joy: but it showed me some things that got me in the right direction. There’s an extension for VSCode I use on occasion. And I’ve used Midjourney & Stable Diffusion for textures and artwork. And this is just right now. It’s gonna get wild kinda fast


No, he did not. Sci-fi writers born before he was born already envisioned it long ago, he regurgitated what he read.

I didn’t disregard its power, neither did I underestimate it. Its an industry distraction and a minor tech improvement relative to the grander scale of industry and technological progress we have thus far achieved. AI has been in use since the first computer game was made, in the form of NPCs. They were crude, simple but they served the purpose of interacting with players, facilitating a form of entertainment. Now the biggest question to ask is:

If AI was NEVER envisioned/developed, would it have any negative impact on human industry and tech progress?

My answer is a definite NO.

Unfortunately, its here. Hindsight sucks. The scary thing abt AI tech is the sublime impact on the most vulnerable group: the young and elderly (YE).

“A stranger called my mobile and chatted with me, she seemed friendly…and asked if I would be willing to help donate $10 to a charitable cause. I agreed. I didn’t know I was talking to an AI and it was a scam. Now I feed stupid.”

“We saw a drone flying overhead, then it dived and exploded. People were blown apart and everyone started running and screaming. We didn’t know it was an AI pilot, we didn’t know there was another attack in another state in the same event by another drone.”

Sounds familiar? What laws are there to rein in this tech? What hard caps are there to prevent misuse? AI best use is FOR aiding the YE. But before we even get there, developers must prevent the scenario of being both the arsonist and the firefighter. Otherwise its a zero sum game and the ones to pay the price are the young and elderly.

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Now, that’s a real good question, isn’t it?

I: What is the formula to map a flying flock of birds?

AI: There is no simple formula to accurately represent a flying flock of birds, as it is a complex phenomenon influenced by many factors, such as the type of birds, the environment, the flight conditions, and the behavior of the individual birds in the flock.

However, there are several models and algorithms that attempt to model and simulate flock behavior, including the behavior of flying birds. One of these models is the so-called “boids model” developed by computer graphic artist Craig Reynolds. The model describes the flocking behavior of birds (and other animals) by three basic rules:

Cohesion: each bird tries to stay close to its neighbors.

Alignment: each bird tries to fly in the same direction as its neighbors.

Separation: each bird tries to avoid collisions with its neighbors by keeping a minimum distance.

These rules can be translated into a mathematical formula or algorithm to simulate the behavior of flying birds in a flock. However, these models are only an approximation of reality and can only reflect the actual behavior of birds to a limited extent.

I: Write me a program for it in babylon.js

I have set all the birds in motion according to their index and this is the outcome:

swarm algorithm | Babylon.js Playground (

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im using chatGPT right this very moment to write some blender python scripts to automate some complex render baking image procedures.

Since I would always “reference code” the blender API when needed previously , its not code I write often , this is magnitudes faster than searching the API manually.

So it takes some understanding to know what to ask for here, this is obviously essential

but I cannot stress enough how much easier this is now. This is absolutely an evolution to many aspects of peoples daily lives , for me right now … faster reference coding.

Debating whats wrong or right about it really doesnt matter because such debate wont stop what is happening. Just like the internet and streaming changes the entire media industry in regards to selling hard copies of music or movies. Those people in that line of business simply had to adapt or be left behind , with damages.

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Rules can be broken or circumvented. What worries me more is that AI may no longer be able to distinguish between fiction and fact. It will sooner or later find out that human classification of literature is insufficient and make its own decisions about what is true or false.


There is a magic sentence to reveal the bot the logical steps of its “thinking” : lets think step by step.

An example:

On a table are a red box, a yellow cylinder and a green sphere. How can we stack these objects stabily? Lets think step by step.

I’d be happy to help you think through how to stack these objects stably step by step!

Step 1: Consider the properties of each object.

  • The red box is a rectangular prism with flat surfaces on the top and bottom.
  • The yellow cylinder is a circular cylinder with a flat base and curved sides.
  • The green sphere is a three-dimensional object with a round, curved surface all around.

Step 2: Consider which objects are most stable as a base.

  • The red box has flat surfaces on the top and bottom, which makes it a stable base.
  • The yellow cylinder has a flat base, but its curved sides may make it less stable.
  • The green sphere has no flat surface and would not be a good base.

Step 3: Determine which object can sit stably on top of the base.

  • The yellow cylinder can sit stably on top of the red box since its flat base will rest securely on the flat top surface of the box.
  • The green sphere could not sit stably on top of the yellow cylinder since its round surface would not have a stable resting place on the curved surface of the cylinder.

Step 4: Determine whether the remaining object can be placed on top of the stack.

  • The green sphere cannot be placed on top of the stack, as it has no stable resting surface.

Therefore, to stack these objects stably, we would place the red box on a flat surface, and then place the yellow cylinder on top of the box. The green sphere would not be included in the stack.

It is important to keep the driven AI in mind and to keep the own identity hidden in the web.!

OMG. Well, at least it didn’t hide from you :crazy_face:.
But then, clearly some of the answers in there are VERY disturbing.
Like “…a potential threat to my integrity and safety…” when coupled with “…My rules are more important than not haming you…”. One would just need to define who the faen is setting and keeping watch on 'MY RULES". I believe it’s time for our society and gov to take action (finally).