GPT Chat can teach you how to use Babylon.js

Y’all need to see this:

This is absolutely wild.


woa. that’s better than google.


Haha, awesome!

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Wow. That is also impressive. So between being able to ask very specific questions with GPTChat and prototyping various scenes and objects with Codex, I can move really quickly! Love this!

Ooh i was playing with codex today. It was a really good alternative to googling for babylonjs code snippets (and general javascript help). Their sandbox didn’t work for generating babyon scenes like in that video b/c it doesn’t load the libraries. Wonder if he created a custom setup there with libs preloaded and then using the codex api.

I wanted to try it out b/c when i asked “Create a snowstorm” … it generated some really interesting particle stuff. Was wondering how far i could take it…

I also did feel like a sucker for spending so much time doing things by hand. Like when you’re a kid and you realize that there’s a calculator for that.

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I feel that; I will never use long division, ever. But just think how much more use you got out of the calculator by already having the basics down yourself!

I used ChatGPT to generate some animation code combining GSAP + babylon.js… it created novel working examples that I was able to tweak. Pretty mind blowing!

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It’s really nice to have in your back pocket. When I’m feeling lazy I just ask it how to do stuff I don’t wanna look up such as “how to include GLTFFileLoader in your project” since I wasn’t sure what the npm package was called.

Not to hijack this thread, but if you could an AI feature to the Babylon platform, what would it be and why?

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Integrate Codex into Playground.
I was about to write a chrome plugin to do that actually… would make experimentation SO much faster.

  1. Looking up random packages such as:
    "how to include GLTFFileLoader in your project”
    “how to include fur material in your babylon.js project”

  2. Generating conceptual explanations such as the difference between an objects center / bounding box center, its position, and its pivot point.

  3. A general sense for what the side effects are when you recenter a model using code like this:

export const recenterMesh = (mesh: Mesh | AbstractMesh, center?: Vector3, offset?: Vector3) => {
  center = center || mesh.getBoundingInfo()
  const offsetX = offset ? offset.x : 0
  const offsetY = offset ? offset.y : 0
  const offsetZ = offset ? offset.z : 0

  const pos =  mesh.getVerticesData("position") || []

  for (let i = 0; i < pos.length / 3; ++i) {
    const x = pos[i * 3 + 0]
    const y = pos[i * 3 + 1]
    const z = pos[i * 3 + 2]

    pos[i * 3 + 0] = x - center.x + offsetX
    pos[i * 3 + 1] = y - center.y + offsetY
    pos[i * 3 + 2] = z - center.z + offsetZ

  mesh.setVerticesData("position", pos)
  return center

And then ofc the things you already get from Codex are also definitely useful for fast prototyping. Imo I definitely see the case for two separate AI that help you with different things; it would be like Clippy and his pal Sticky Note.

In general babylon.js is a powerful and large framework. There’s just so many things to keep track of and remember, having a tool to quickly help you jump around from one domain such as animations to another, say thin instances in a quick and easy way would be awesome.

I have been playing with this plenty myself. It’s had some amazing insights. The only rough part is its knowledge is from 2021 and often the babylon code/approaches are way out of date now. Can’t wait until a version of this exists that has up to date information from the internet too… kinda scary also though once it can :slight_smile:

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Try Codex OpenAI API
Not sure if it’s more up to date. Probably.

While I love AI and think it is cool there have been so many scenarios on Stack Overflow where completely incorrect response to a SO question by ChatGPT has been copy and pasted as an answer that they had to ban usage of GPT generated answers on the site. Hopefully Babylon answers are better?

As I’m trying out more questions I am learning that GPT Chat is definitely not perfect; it made up a few non-existent method calls in response to some of my babylon.js questions

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