AssetContainer Bug - Child Meshes Added to Scene Broken when they have Texture

Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have found what may be a bug with AssetContainer. Or, it may be my misunderstanding how AssetContainer is supposed to work. If I am misunderstanding, thank you in advance for your patience and explanation.

In my project I want to use AssetContainer to add and remove meshes from my scene dynamically.
However, when I add back a mesh with children that have texture on them, those children behave oddly. They are visible in the inspector but not visible in the scene except their wireframe. I cannot fix it once they are broken like this.

Here is a replication in Playground (the sphere goes away but does not come back when key is pressed):

Am I using AssetContainer wrong, or is this a bug?

let me check that :slight_smile:

BlendWebMix | Babylon.js Playground (

You forgot to add the sphere to the container

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Oh, I see, I understand. So children must be manually added too.

Thank you very much for the quick help.

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It is funny how @Deltakosh takes less time to read and fix the posts than me to just open the forum :slight_smile: