Imported Models Not Responding to Parenting

This is likely related to the previous bug. In an imported model with instancing, the instances respond correctly to parenting while their original meshes do not:

(Blender model here.)

I can confirm that the hierarchy being parented to a mesh with or without geometry doesn’t matter, and as you’ll see in the demo the method of parenting doesn’t matter. Beyond that, I can’t make heads or tails of this one. The correct parenting of instances is probably related to the instances being created within the scene, rather than the assetContainer; they may well break as well when the previous bug is fixed.

Adding @PirateJC

So the thing that’s the strangest to me is that (as far as I know), asset containers do not append the assets into the scene unless explicitly told to do so. At least this is what it says in the documentation:

I’ve commented a few lines of out in your playground so that the only thing that’s happening is the loading of the asset container.

In this version I’m not instancing the objects and appending them into the scene…and yet we see the meshes. But what’s more weird is that the meshes are not listed in the scene hierarchy at all. We see them, but they’re not there?



The only thing there are the the 2 planes you create.

So this definitely seems like a bug related to the asset container loading of a .babylon file.

Here’s another playground that shows the same idea with a .glTF file instead (just a random one I’ve been using lately).

Notice how the hex tile is not appended to the scene or drawn at all until you explicitly do so like in this one:

So from what I can tell…(and I ABSOLUTELY could be wrong here) the problem seems to be that the original files just should NOT be rendering at all. It seems to be an issue related to asset containers and .babylon files displaying the original meshes when it should not be.

@Deltakosh - This looks like a bug.

The bug you found will be fixed in a hour or so on Preview branch

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