At the moment of collisions, the box is partially immersed in the ground. How to fix it?

I’m new and this is my first post.
I created a scene for the test

the box moves when right-clicked and crashes into the tilted ground.
At this moment, it partially passes through the ground.
How can this be changed?
For the earth to be absolutely solid?

By using movePOV, you are setting the position of the box-mesh as well as -PhysicsImpostor directly.
Most physics engines hate this, as you are more or less violating the entire simulation.
When possible, use forces, impulses or velocities:


I found strange behavior.
I added a sphere between the vertical wall and the box.
And I took a step more = 0.5 for example.
In this case, the box pushes the sphere through the ground.
Why is this happening?