Babylon 5.0 video not playing

Hi All

having a little issue after upgrading to the latest release, i have a streaming screen (video element) on a plane, before the upgrade to v5.0 everything was working as expected, but after the upgrade, the video don’t show any more (no playing on the plane), i have done some debugging and have seen the video element has been paused after getting onto the plane, in some cases if i call play() then the plane(video element) would play, has anyone else experiencing this issue, or any tips of how to solve this would be awesome

this seem to start happening since 5.0rc3, as i have try on 5.0rc2 it still works.

note: i had v 5 beta 11 that was working perfect

thanks advance


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Thanks for reporting!

I can confirm, it seems like our video demos are the same - for example. Only when you call play did the videos start showing.

We’ll have to investigate what happened between rc.2 and rc.3

o cool to see this is not just me, i had a look already, here is the diff between the versions fix videoTexture default options · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@7c75e03 · GitHub but i can’t see this would effect it, but yeah if you can check this out to see if this does actually effects what we are seeing


The issue is using “settings” instead of this._settings.

This PR should fix it - Fix default settings in video texture by RaananW · Pull Request #12356 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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would that be the cause you think?, coz i can’t find anything else that would cause this issue

If you are not setting auto play to true, it should be set automatically. But if you are not setting it, the settings variable will be be defined, and therefore wouldn’t have autoPlay: true.

Works as expected,


nice and thank you for the quick fix appreciated

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