Babylon App on Safari (touch action, fullscreen)

Hi guys,

I am working on app, something like virtual store, and I setup some basic scene and It works good on most of the browsers but Safari on IOS is giving me some headache. As I could find out touch-action is not supported on Safari. So is there some alternative to that (meaning, I want to disable that defautl scrolling, zoom actions)

I was looking into Sponza demo code because it works good on IOS Safari but I couldn’t find where the magic happens.

Some fullscreen mode could work but as I understand it you cannot force fullscreen without user interaction.

So is there any way to solve this properly. I feel like something stupid is needed to be done, but I cannot figure it out.

Here is a link of demo (it looks nasty at the moment, just testing some things out)

Virtual Store (if you can test it on IPhone you will see what is my problem)

Thank you

For touch-action to work on iOS and Safari you need to reference jQuery PEP and add touch-action property directly on the canvas:

For fullscreen you are right, the code must behind a click


Yes, this works. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am using and Ipad and with webkitRequestFullscreen, touch-action=“none”.

When I am in fullscreen I cannot pinch to zoom, two finger to pan and one finger rotate on the y axis, because I exit fullscreen.

Is there something I am missing or is it a matter of fact that IOS have no support about this? I tried getting the events for

  • gesturestart
  • gesturechange
  • gestureend

And then e.preventDefault(), but with no success the fullscreen got the gesture and exited.

What is the proper way to achieve fullscreen on a mobile devise (IOS) with all gestures?

I cannot get the fullscreen to work on iPhone, but I read that the support there is non existent, so I suppose that there is nothing I can do about it?