Safari 12 on iOS doesn't respond to "drag" camera events (desktop works)

Hi! Due to a client request, I’m trying to make my site compatible with Safari 12 (on iOS and MacOS).

Everything works fine on desktop Safari 12 (big thanks to whoever just fixed the hasPointerCapture undefined errors in the latest beta!).

But on iOS Safari 12, my pointer action manager works fine (I can click objects in the canvas), but I can’t touch and “drag” the view of the camera around. I’m testing using BrowserStack (I don’t have an actual iOS device that old that still functions).

Here’s the site, can anyone else reproduce this or have a suggestion?

Could you repro in the playground ? and do you have pep.js installed ?

Thanks @sabavan! I’ll see if I can create a repro, there’s a lot going on in the site unrelated to the BabylonJS functionality, and the BJS stuff is across a number of individual files. I was hoping the bug *(or just lack of browser support) sounded familiar to someone already.

I’ve never run across pep.js, probably because this was the first BabylonJS site where I actually cared about crusty old iOS Safari 12 compatibility! I’ll give it a shot.

Hey @Sebavan, thanks for the pep.js tip! I wired it up, and it’s working perfectly now. I’m actually pleasantly shocked how well BabylonJS plays on an ancient iPhone 6 I have sitting here for testing!

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