Babylon Blender exporter as .babylon, canceling the export when the character has a rigify

I am trying to use babylon blender exporter. I have a new set of character and it keeps canceling when exporting it to .babylon, even unckecked or check the “ignore the ik bones”

Adding @JCPalmer our blender Guru but it might simply be a limitation of the exporter.

ah what that means? no solution at the moment?

Maybe, I am super noob with the exporter, @JCPalmer will answer shortly with way more meaningful insights.

thanks, hope it will be solve

I do not use that. 250 bones does sound insane though. There was another topic, but they never indicated what failure means. That is not really enough information. Please post the log file from the exporter.

Before removing the majority of the excess controls and lots of bones, I baked the animation directly to the bones and I tried to delete all constraint bones to rigify, retain all bones with deform and still it cancel the exporting. I can share my file if you like to see

That is not a log file. I’ll just provide a guess. That is you are getting an generated by this line:

‘Mesh: ’ + + ’ has un-applied transformations. This will never work for a mesh with an armature. Export cancelled’

If that is the case, you need to go to that mesh and Apply transforms. There could more than one mesh set to the rig, so Probably best to do them all, or you’ll just get the error with a different mesh name.

means it needed only one mesh before exporting to .babylon?

You can have more than one mesh before exporting to .babylon

Please do upload your log file, which is a .txt file generated in the same directory as your .babylon file

Or you could upload your .blend file

I tried on making a manual rig and I get this message when importing to babylon
An error occured: Object “Name: Armature, nBones: 5, nAnimationRanges: 1” has no property “needInitialSkinMatrix”