Rig optimization export .babylon

Hello all !

I have a question about the export of the rig through blender in babylonJS.

My rigs are made of bones for different purposes, The first ones are directly used to deform the character , the others to ease the life of animators to control the deformation bones. So they are only parented to deformation bones and not directly to the character.
To optimize export and number of bones, i just want to export final movement of deformation bones.

My question is :
Did babylon exporter automatically removes those bones and only export deformation bones ? In unity, where you can use FBX export format you can choose to only export deform bones. I can’t find this information for babylonJS in the doc. Export option don’t seems to provide them too.

Any advice ?

Thank you very mych !

No. It will skip bones .ik or ik. (not case sensitive), if you check the Ignore IK Bones option in world exporter properties though. Changing names might be painful, if your animation reference them though.

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Thank you @JCPalmer for your answer. So if i name all my non wanted bones with a .IK they won’t be in the final export ?

Quite not sure why but when i check Ignore IK Bones, my export fail as my character is always stretched.
The problem must come from the fact i’m actually using rigify for auto rig in blender. I’m not a professional rigger, the purpose of my test are to define the limits of my project to hire rig artist.

An other problem is that when i export with rigify of auto rig plugin my model get stretched. Of course those auto rigs have a lot of bones (more than 250). When i remove manually some there is no more stretch. So i assume there is a bone number limit.

I do not know what rigify is. Anything using 250 sounds terrible though. Would double check that all the bones you are renaming is correct, by renaming them one at a time and exporting.

Also looking at the mesh statistics in your log file might be a good idea. It lists the maximum number of bone influencers for a vertex of the mesh. If it is more than 4, an extra section of matrix weights needs to be exported. If greater than 8, some will get dropped. Exporter may not always good a picking. Think there is a way to force Blender to do it as well, right @gryff?

@JCPalmer rigify is a “auto-rig” tool in blender 2.8.
I agree, 250 or more is a lot.

What i don’t understand is that when i export in .glb checking ignore IK, the export works, but it did not in .babylon.