Rig export from maya : problem or bug?

Hello all,

I switched to maya and i encounter some problems. I’m not quite sure i do something wrong or this is a bug. I never had this issue on blender.

I have a riged character, 80 bones, animation backed on the bones.
When i export it as babylon file, it’s creating a weird skeleton architecture with lots of skeleton groups (i expected to have just one) above my bones. It’s like it’s duplicating many bones on different skeleton groups.
While i have 80 bones on maya (and nothing else except skinned geometry) i obtain more than 600 bones duplicated on different skeleton groups (more than 45 groups) in BJS.
What’s weird is that the animation is correct, and it runs well even on smartphones, it’s like excess bones are not taken into account.

I really don’t understand what i’m doing wrong as i never encountered this problem with blender.

Here some screen shots


Adding @Drigax who gives a lot of love to our exporters :wink:

Thank you @sebavan i’m trying to find on my own the source of the problem but for the moment i’m stuck.

Hello @sebavan and @Drigax
I’m always stuck on that export problem, it’s creating creazy number of skeletons groups.
Is there a way to clean that by hand ?

Thank you

Can you share your Maya scene? The exporters are pretty complex, so there could be any number of reasons why its importing into babylon with so many skeleton definitions.

I come back here as i made different test.

The character is made like a robot of different pieces rigged to the bones.
Trying to understand what’s going wrong, i made a lot of test on my main maya scene thinking i did something wrong. But i couldn’t find the origin of the problem.
I must had test a synthetic and more simple scene first. So i tried to mimic my scene characteristics but with fewer simple elements.

You can find the playground of my scene here, and a screen of the scene in maya and the exporter below.

My maya scene is composed of 7 bones with 4 objects binded to somes bones.

When i export that, i obtain 3 skeleton groups, each one composed of different number of bones depending on which bone hierarki the object is binded. So why not 4 skeleton groups instead of 3 as i have 4 objects ?
Each skeleton group will have different number of bones, depending on the place of the bone in the hierarki binded to the object.

May be i do not understand well how babaylonJS work, but is this normal ?

I will try to replicate that test on blender to see what happen

Ok so i made the same test on blender and i got a different result.
No more multiple skeleton groups with redundant bones


Just a thought, could it be related to the number of meshes bound to the skeleton?

I’ve seen it as well and I always figured it was since I had two meshes bound to the same skeleton.


Yes it seems to be related to the number of mesh bound to the bones.
But, i got this on maya, but not on blender.

It must be a bug, or may be i’m doing something wrong, but i really do not understand what as i’m able to do it well on blender and not on maya.