Babylon dev. with gitpod?

I noticed the latest gitpod container uses npm 8 and node 16 which are not supported for BJS builds. So when trying to launch a new gitpod workspace which can take a long time there is eventually an error while building node-sass.

Downgrading to node 6 and node 14 with

$ npm install -g npm@6
$ nvm install 14

from the gitpod terminal seems to fix then running

$ npm install
$ npm start

to complete the setup.

Perhaps it would be possible to configure gitpod to use an older container ?

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I have totally no idea about the gitpod config we are using, feel free to make a PR to change it if you find a config that works great :slight_smile:

Or even submit here and I ll do the PR

Since Gitpod is listed in, and is supported with an existing gitpod.yml, I was hoping somebody more knowledgeable than me had a quick idea on how to set it up.

Let me post back if I can figure it out.

Autofix: upgrade-nvm-tools by autofix-bot · Pull Request #543 · gitpod-io/workspace-images · GitHub seems to be the underlying change in the container image. Just a note.

Would be amazing if you can figure it out :slight_smile:

has a fix. It worked for me but would benefit from additional testing.