Gitpod error on first launch when installing packages

I was looking to get the Babylon project running locally on my machine today but kept running into errors with missing packages. Ultimately I bailed and tried to use the Gitpod Code container which had a link provided in the contribution guide. It opened, I allowed it to install recommended extensions and in the terminal I receive an error. This is the same error as when I tried to run npm install from the master branch on my local copy of this repo.

You should be able to recreate the issue simply by opening this link to create your own Gitpod. I am running Chrome for macOS over here, but I wouldn’t expect that to make a difference considering its not running locally.

Am I missing a noob step to get this running or this is a current bug in the master branch?

cc @RaananW

This is an issue with installing puppeteer (a dependency) on the system you are running. You can set the flag mentioned in the comment to true, which will skip the download phase of the installation. Sadly a known issue with puppeteer.

Oh, and just a small note, puppeteer is known to have some temporary issues during installation. A second npm install might fix it. Otherwise, seeing the flag is the right way to go