Babylon editor 4.7

Hello guys,
I just want to ask if the rendering pipelines like ssr and ssao and the default pipeline are exported with scene.babylon if i exported the project from the editor and import it in my project in reactjs
i think everything is exported right like the materials and meshes and lights but the rendering pipeline is empty when i load the scene.


Only individual post processes (like blur How To Use Post Processes | Babylon.js Documentation ( are saved on the .babylon file, not the rendering pipelines

okay thank you, is there a way to output the settings of the rendering pipeline or the scene from the editor as json object ?

You can get the settings you want DefaultRenderingPipeline | Babylon.js Documentation ( and save a JSON file with them.

from babylonjs editor ?

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I don’t use the editor but @julien-moreau can help

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Hi @Mostafa_Salloum !

Unfortunately, serializing pipelines serialization is not supported by the Editor :frowning: