Post-processing export from the editor

Hi @julien-moreau !

I’ve been playing aroung with the editor for a while and have found several things which presumably don’t work correctly or at all and I will describe them a bit later, but one that is of a very high importance for me now is post-processing in the scene.

So generally the thing is it just doesn’t export. I set it up in the editor and everything looks fancy, but when I make a scene export in the end and put it in the sandbox - there is no post-processing effects at all. Other changes are exported rather well, like light positions, properties, changes in objects and materials and many more but post-processing does not.

So am I doing something wrong or maybe it’s not supported for now, or it just doesn’t export? Will you please share your opinion and ideas on how to solve it?

@artteq thanks for reporting!
Unfortunately this feature should come from BabylonJS because the .babylon format doesn’t support post-processing export yet.

Anyway, starting from this documentation (Loading and Saving Project - Babylon.js Documentation) the babylonjs editor is also a NPM Package that allows to apply ALL the added value of the editor to your scene in your project. In your case you have to use the “babylonjs-editor” package to apply all the Editor’s metadatas such as post-processes, behaviors, graphs, etc.

I suggest to ping @Deltakosh to ask if he’s interesting on adding support of serializable post-processes in the .babylon file loader (+ file format)

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Thanks for the explanation @julien-moreau

Yeah, I’ve tried adding the package and it works. But do you think it is possible that .babylon format will support those exports? If yes then when?

I think it can of course embed the known post-processes such as DefaultRenderingPipeline or SSAO pipelines. But not sure for the custom ones :frowning:

Let’s ping @Deltakosh or @sebavan if they are interested :slight_smile: