Babylon Editor or Unity Toolkit?

Hi All,

I’m new to babylon.js and am tooling around trying to figure out the most suitable libraries, tools & workflow to employ. I’m hoping to build a production-level multiplayer game.

At the moment, I see there are two editor options: 1) Babylon Editor 2) Unity Toolkit
I’m new to developing games and am deciding which to learn (assuming the editor would be worthwhile). I would love to hear what other people are using and how they go about development.

Also, I am thinking about using Colyseus for multiplayer.


Hey echan00, welcome to the community! Those are both great choices, and in fact the authors of each are members of our forum, so you’ll definitely be able to get support either way :slight_smile: I am also curious to hear folks’ experiences, especially those working on larger projects.

Colyseus is a great library for multiplayer, I actually built a little demo integrating it with Babylon.js: Island Painter. In that case it’s purely procedurally generated though, so I didn’t use an editor myself.


Having spent 10+ years using Unity I actually found it best to work with BabylonJS directly without any editor. Most of the time when I want to use an editor in Babylon it’s because I want to quickly place things down and in general design a level. For this, I use Blender just for level design and for asset creation. I use Photopea for UI or images and have used the Substance toolset in the past but these days I try to keep it simpler.

I know Babylon has quite a few editor tools which can be quite useful for things like particle systems, shaders, and GUI. There’s also an animation curve editor (ACE) that works with BabylonJS 5.0. Personally, I’d say understand the basics of how to build out scenes in BabylonJS directly with code then jump into the editors to speed things up.