Babylonjs Component-based Editor

Hey guys,

I have recently started working on a Babylonjs component-based editor. Basically it would let you build a BabylonJS project without any code, just by dragging and dropping components into the editor. This would then open the doors to build an asset store for BabylonJS where components and assets can be traded. Much like what Unity has for it’s own engine.

To make this work as intended, I have created a component-based system which wraps the BabylonJS functionalities into separate components or building blocks. The system is not a pure ECS but more close to what Unity has. I feel it should be enough to give the right amount of reusability to the components without over-complicating anything.

Besides wrapping up BabylonJS functionalities, the system also introduces components such as Character Controllers or networking components ( both server and client side ) to add a layer of abstraction and aid developers build graphic applications or games much more easily.

It will be able to export in Web, desktop and mobile through the help of BabylonNative for the mobile versions, probably also the desktop one.

Do you guys think this is something that would be useful? Anything I should keep in mind while designing the system, given that it’s still in a fairly easly stage? Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile: .


That sounds pretty cool !!! and I bet some of the users will love it. @MackeyK24 probably has nice tricks about componentization from his work on the Unity exporter :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Thanks, it’s good to hear that this might be useful. I feel Babylon’s potential in regards to user acquisition could ramp up because an editor lowers the barriers for first-time users.

Also, I find an Editor Based on Unity will always be limited to what Unity is doing and how it is doing it. Needing extra work from the maintainers.

For me, besides the facilities and the project templates that could make it easier for creators, the most value from such an editor would come from an asset store. A component based system would make implementing a store much easier.

However, I am sure there are things I am not thinking of yet and that talented people such as @MackeyK24 have a lot to share in regards to this project so I am very much looking forward to feedback and ideas.