BABYLON function fails when providing X, Y subdivisions

The function BABYLON.CreateGroundFromHeightMapVertexData, when provided options subdivisionX and subdivisionsY creates a VertexData object that, when applied to a ground mesh, makes the mesh disappear. Using just subdivisions option (e.g., both sides equal) works fine. Using subdivisionX and subdivisionY with both values equal does not work. Seems to occur just by using these options.

Demo of problem:

No, I have yet to looked at the source code, and I also haven’t compared the VertexData instances in the two cases, or the resulting meshes. Yes, I plan to do more investigation, but perhaps a recent change messed something up?

BTW, the function name is not in the topic line because of some sort or word length check when creating this post.

That function only takes the “subdivisions” parameter, not the other two, which i believe are used in the normal createGround mesh function

Bummer. Should be upgraded to match the functionality of doing the same with a height map (e.g., an image file) since those are not fixed at equal sides. Evidently I was getting fooled by the auto-complete function within the Playground as it implied X and Y subdivision options were available. Guess I’ll investigate making the change. I would have imagined that this function backed the regular height map function after data was extracted from the image. Seems odd not to be aligned that way.

Thanks! I guess this should move from the “bug” category to “feature suggestion” :slight_smile: