Announcing Babylon.js 6.0

We are incredibly excited to officially announce the release of Babylon.js 6.0!

Read all about the release here: Announcing Babylon.js 6.0. Our mission is to build one of the most… | by Babylon.js | Apr, 2023 | Medium

This new version brings a smorgasbord of performance enhancements, fixes, useful new tools, and exciting new features, including one of the biggest features we’ve ever added to the platform…the addition of a brand new physics plugin developed specifically for the web, in collaboration with the world famous Havok Physics team!

Babylon.js 6.0 would not be possible if it wasn’t for this incredible community. Thank You to each one of you for the passion, dedication, and excitement that you pour into this technology platform every day!

A special thank you to all of you who submitted your amazing creations to be featured in the release video. What you make inspires all of us!


Massive congratulations everyone, I can’t wait to migrate over the weekend! Even more, congratulations on keeping Havok a secret.


It was so hard for us to keep that a secret! :rofl:


I can tell you it was tricky. Even for the release :smiley: But so glad we can share it now


Yes. Awesome job :heart_eyes: and a smooth launch :rocket: (as always). The video :clapper: is also very nice and I can’t wait to try the new ‘physics’ :game_die:…Actually, I already started discovering while waiting for the official release :grin:

This is absolutely MASSIVE :man_superhero: and then on top of all the other great features, like a BIG SWEET cherry on the cake :cherries: :cake: Welcome v6 and long live BJS and the Team.

Thank you Guys for bringing all this awesomeness to us and supporting our efforts every single day of the year :hugs: Congrats and time to celebrate now :partying_face: :tada: :champagne:


Amazing stuff guys. Babylon.js never stops to amaze us all. Congratulations on the new release. Been so happy and honored to be in this community and to watch web evolve before our eyes. Looking forward to play with new features, especially physics engine.

Thanks Babylon <3


We’ve got so many good videos to add to the official video… Our community is a gem!


Seriously, I’d never even heard of Havok until now.

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Tell me your age without telling me your age :joy:

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Does this havok wasm sdk make use of simd vectorization?

Yes sir!

License is MIT: @babylonjs/havok - npm (


So hyped about Havok! Can’t wait to try it for my game… :heart_eyes:

Congrats on all of your hard work for 6.0!


Yes it certainly does, but there’s a bug in some versions of iOS Safari.

@Cedric and @RaananW for more information.

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@Deltakosh @PirateJC This is incredible.

Do you happen to have or know of any comparison benchmarks or playgrounds (ammo + bjs vs havok + bjs)? There’s just so much to get caught up on here!

Really, really amazing work y’all.

on iOS we had to ship the NON-SIMD version (SIMD is simply not supported by ios in WASM)

We do!

Physics V2 stress test | Babylon.js Playground (

Get ready for BLAZING fast! 8fps vs 280fps!!


My prayers were answered. Satya must have seen my post.
.Optimizing physics - #33 by jeremy-coleman