Babylon.js Editor vs Playground, etc

As a modeler/3d guru, I’ll be assembling the environments, and will be working with coders so I assume I’ll probably have to pass content back and forth. I’m hoping someone can tell me if the current version of the babylon editor (4.05) is compatible with or interchangeable with playground 5.0.

@Aitolda I am totally unsure of your current ask :frowning:

Editor and Playground are both using the latest Babylon so it should all be compatible. Usually artists are working in maya max blender… and export in the babylon or gltf formats so I am having trouble with the editor part but @julien-moreau might be able to provide guidance for it.

Looks like we’ll be using the stable version of Babylon.Js. I’m just coming in from the outside do some asset work on a project that is just starting to get underway so I’m doing a little research is all. My main concern was making sure the editor was compatible with the version we’ll be using and it sounds like it is. That said I’d be very interested in seeing the additional features that will be added to the 5.0 version if you have a list anywhere. If not yet no big deal. Thanks for the reply.

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Hi @Aitolda !
For the editor part, the stable 4.0x versions are using the version 4.2.0 of Babylon.JS as it is the latest stable version of the engine.
Of course, I have a branch in the Editor for the support of Babylon.JS v5.0. If needed, I can start deploying it on the website so you can download it.

The editor with Babylon.JS 5.0 integrates the new incoming features of the Editor v4.1.0 (new assets system, more tools, etc.). Do you have an existing project ?

When you say “or interchangeable with playground 5.0”, do you mean that you’de like to integrate playground examples in your project made with the editor?


The project is still in the first few weeks. It looks like my team is switching to 5.0. Any chance of deploying the 5.0 editor still? I appreciate your time. Thanks!

Hi @Aitolda
If you are talking about this editor ( I have a branch ready for Babylon.JS v5 Chore/babylonjs5 by julien-moreau · Pull Request #339 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

Do you need it in preview before the official release of babylonjs5 ? Is your team using the 5.0.0-beta.x versions of babylonjs ?

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Yes. I am speaking of A preview would be rad if possible. Apparently we’re using “5.0.0-beta.n.”

Hi @julien-moreau @Aitolda just checking in, do you still need a preview version of the editor? :slight_smile: