Babylon.js exporter for Houdini

Hi, is there an exporter from Houdini to Babylon.js?

Houdini is very different from any other application. Houdini is more procedural than any other. The way it defines bones, skinning, and it’s IK among many other elements is not like any other. If you look at at Houdini file it is difficult to read if you’re not familiar. I doubt - given the limited number of users - that anyone will try and write an exporter - let alone accomplish such a feat.

Otherwise, if you’re trying to export to WebGL, then you need to create a scene which is fully compatible with GLTF or OBJ formats, and export into Blender which you then can export to a .babylon file.


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As of now, I am using the glTF exporter in Houdini 17 (part of the gamedev tools) to transfer assets to Babylon.js.
It would also be nice if a .babylon file export extension can be available, like that one for 3ds max.

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Hello and welcome:)

What would you get from a. Babylon that you don’t get from a. gltf?

Here’s my two cents.:grin:
I have just began working with Houdini-Babylon pipeline in my latest project. As far as meshes and materials are concerned, gltf is quite sufficient. There are some left-hand / right-hand coordinates issues to deal-with but nothing too serious.
Not quite so sure about camera, lighting and other scene structure related contents. I haven’t experimented with complex scene transfer but I guess there are things that glTF are lacking compared with .babylon file format.
So my personal concern is scene structure transfer. I guess I will have a better grasp on this as I try to deal with more complicated scenes.

OK gotcha. Makes sense.