Pro Babylon Toolkit: Public Alpha Release

The new Unity Exporter: Pro Babylon Toolkit - Public Alpha Release now available.

Note: Requires Unity 2020.1 Or Greater

Work In Progress


You rock buddy!


I can specifically comment on the power of this toolkit. It takes a little bit to get used to using, but once you do there is nothing but benefits.

Good job on all your hard work @MackeyK24, I did not appreciate how much was really done with this system till I got to use it first hand.



Are babylonscene files not exported anymore in the new Unity Exporter?

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No… The new format is GLTF 2.0


@MackeyK24 I have a question about this,
Is the light exported with it? Or how can I use my baked lightmap from Unity in the babylonjs viewer?

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Lightmaps are exported as a TextureAtlas… Then actual meshes in the GLTF 2.0 format have the UV2 channels offset to their position in the lightmap texture atlas. So you just set the proper lightmapTexture on your material if you are manually doind this stuff

Now if you use the SceneManager extension (include babylon.manager.js on your host page) this is all auto-magic when you load the GLTF using any of the babylon loading functions (SceneLoader.Load, Append, Import Meshes And Loading Asset Containers)


Okay sounds good, thank you.
Unfortunately we can’t find the module for babylon manager in npm package.
Could you upload it to Github?

The Babylon.manager.js is packaged in the Unity Toolkit. Also available in the playground

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I am going to use the babylon,manager in react & typescript project.
Now I am using the @babylon/core module.
Could you tell me how I can import and use the babylon.manager with @babylon/core module?

I dont know much about using the module system for npm.
But the javascript library for babylon.manager.ts can be downloaded from

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Okay, and Reflection Probes are not supported yet?

Reflections probes are supported (Realtime probes are kinda of funny in inside scenes… works ok on outside scenes)

Baked reflections works beautifully… But fully prebaked custom dds (or compressed env are reccomended)