Babylon.js official documentation not loading

I am new here and I am using vue-babylon.js library that combines Babylon.js with Vue framework. However, I am not able to access the documentation for Babylon.js core methods.
For instance: ScreenshotTools | Babylon.js Documentation
Would be grateful if someone helps me out here. Thank you.

It is loading for me here in UK.

Thank you for your response. I am in Kuwait currently and most of the times the documentation doesn’t load here. The page for BABYLON.Tools.captureScreenshot() is not loading and I wanted to know where the png files are stored after calling that function and how to retrieve them.

  1. Did you try VPN connection to see the problem pages?
  2. You can download all documentation from Github and have it at localhost.

In your browser download folder I believe.

The readMe shows how to obtain a local computer version of the docs


is that a temporary issue, or does the page never load for you? We have, of course, no country-specific rules for the documentation page (or any other page), and we do want to make sure all of our pages are internationally available.

@Zohair I had exactly same issue couple days ago. Docs didn’t load in Chrome (main page was fine though) but were loading ok in both Safari and Opera on my mac and was loading fine when from mobile browser.

I had no idea what causes it. Cleared all the cache and cookies, restarted chrome and (surprise, surprise) it was all fine again. Try it. My bet… it is not babylonjs related issue. You can also try incognito mode (no plugins), to make exclude dodgy plugin possibility (themes, parsers, cookie managers, etc.), which sometimes happens too.

Hope it helps.


OMG, if it wasn’t in this forum, I bet ‘complotists’ would have already started telling you it’s because of your market’s rules (kuwait;) Let’s just hope the big brains here will find a better (the true) explanation in due time;)

There was similar problem more than a year ago but it is solved already - Playground and - access from some IP addresses is blocked

I use private mode since 2014. Though we all know that the ‘private’ mode of Chrome and most browsers is not really private anymore (since ~2013). I keep on using it if only to state my disapproval of the current Internet.