Babylon.js - Open code by nature?


A bit different question: are the applications made with Babylon.js completely “open” by nature? Surely, its integrations with other platforms must contain some completely hidden exchange but is there a way to shield the custom code within the app?

Thanks again.

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It’s the same as any other javascript app

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If you google “javascript obfuscator” you’ll find lots of tools and articles to help make your code harder to comprehend and repurpose, like UglifyJS and JavaScript Obfuscator for example.

LOL if someone’s determined enough they can probably still figure out how you did something but you can make it a lot harder I guess…

Just be careful thou, some of these tools will have warnings not to use the more extreme settings or if you do you may have to re-test your website thorougly to make sure it still works with them… :slight_smile: :beers:

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If you want to “hide” your source code from the users of your system (I’ll not ask why…), pretty much the only way to do so for BabylonJS or pretty much any application to one extent or another would be to host it on a server and do all the processing and rendering there, just sending the end bitmap for the canvas frame down the wire to the client.

Check out the docs for NullEngine and server-side rendering for more details.



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