Hiding model files and babylonjs code on a website

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone had any knowledge around hiding the code from website users for a babylonjs model and any of the files included (glb etc.). So that someone couldn’t download the model and code and replicate it elsewhere for example. I had wondered whether this was possible via google tags or something similar. I’ve been searching for a while without a clear solution that I understand. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Excellent! thank you :slight_smile: Does this obfuscate the glb file locations in the script too?

There are a lot of tools which one may use for it. All of them will make your life much more difficult :slight_smile:
Also, if there is a will to steal your code or model - the only way to prevent it is not to publish it at all.
I would rely more on copyright law than on all these tricks.
As for GLB file download permission - you may tune it at server level or convert GLB to string and obfuscate it too.
But, as I already mentioned, all these ‘tricks’ will not give you 100% warranty but will give you much more headache.

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Thank you again :slight_smile:

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