General question on coding for babylon

Hi, I haven’t used js for sometime but babylonjs is a game changer for me, so want to learn it properly. I come from unity-land and would like to know the general workflow. Some noobish questions:

a) Is there a way to “attach” some functionality into my objects? In playground it seems most functions are coded one by one into a specific object, but can’t imagine copy / paste for each object with same functionality. For example, objects a,b,c - z need to change one of their properties on click.
b) I’m somehow spoiled by using classes and methods, how can I find samples to use with babylon? Maybe there’s a course you would reccommend?

Most likely these are related to the language as well as babylon, but wondering. Thanks!

As a bit of a spaghetti coder I don’t do it but know it is possible, eg Babylon.js Playground

See also Classes - JavaScript | MDN
You will probably get better advice after the weekend.

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Thanks @JohnK, definitely helps. Will experiment on this as well as check the classes.