Babylon.JS PlayGround at WordPress CMS with BabylonPress Plugin

Hello friends,

I am glad to present pre-alpha version of BabylonPress Plugin. The main task of this plugin is to let easily publish Playground content at Wordpress-driven site.

Here it is -

More info will follow!

UPD: Added into Babylon.JS Documentation: Babylon.js Wordpress Integration | Babylon.js Documentation

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This is cooooooool ping @PirateJC to see where this could be referenced in the doc

@labris this would be a FANTASTIC addition to our “extensions” section.

Once it’s all good to go, if you want to writeup an .md doc page for this, I’d be happy to add it into the extensions section for you!

Awesome work! This looks fantastic

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Thank you! It is just the beginning :slight_smile:
If you could create in docs the subsection of “Babylon CMS Integration” with subsection “Babylon Wordpress Integration” I could fill .md docs. I have only web access to GitHub atm.
So we have now 2 Babylon plugins for Wordpress: Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress Plugin and this one.

Added! It might take a few minutes to show up, but it’s there now.

If you follow the basic structure of the structure.json file you should be good to go. Just need to add children to the wordpress section and you’re golden.

Hope this helps! Pumped to have this in our docs!

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Thanks, I’ve got it! Will fill asap and make PR.
Meanwhile I added some water to the main page :slight_smile:

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Created PR for initial documentation for 2 Wordpress plugins.

Merged! Thanks so much for doing that @labris!

I made just a few little wording/grammar tweaks, but it’s a great addition!

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Seems that h1 and h2 GitHub markdown needs a space after # sign. Should I make another PR or you could correct it?

I’ll fix it. Sorry I didn’t catch that

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Changes should be reflected shortly.

Thanks again!!!

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