Paid job -- babylon.js integration with WordPress

We are doing our first major project with babylon.js, integrating it into WordPress with BeaverBuilder. We need somebody with expertise in these sorts of integrations who can help us with with the javascript code both within the Babylon app and within WordPress to manage the processing of onClick and onHover events.

This is a paid job at a competitive rate, and we would like to find somebody who can work soon – ideally this weekend!

If you think you might be interested, reply with your contact info and we’ll be in touch.

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Hope you are doing great.

We checked your requirement and we are ready to help you in this project.
Kindly share the details of your requirement so we can give estimation to you accordingly.

Thanks, looking forward to hear back from you soon.

Garry p.
(Accounts Manager)
“CIS”(CMMI level 3 Company)
Skype Me: cis.garry
Email -

Hello @ParkerLambert
I would like to assist you.
PM sent, pls check

Sorry, I didn’t get a private message from you.

Hello Patrick,

I already created some plugins for Babylon.js+Wordpress which simplify the process of 3D content publication.
You can see them in action here -

If you are interested, let me know with PM or email


@labris did an amazing job with his plugin :slight_smile:

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Hi @ParkerLambert,

I have experiences working on WordPress & BabylonJs. I already integrated BabylonJs with WordPress for ecommerce website using 3D configurator. Hope that job is still available.

My email:


Ngo Ho