Babylon.js plugin "Can't find blender 2.82 export panel"

Hello, does anyone know where this panel is located in Blender 2.82?

The issue is that this option is not in blender 2.82

Captura de pantalla_2020-07-03_08-25-46
Another issue is that I am trying to export the camera to the world and it doesn’t seem to work.
Could someone explain this to me please.

The panel on the scene, was combined with the custom properties on World. With PBR integrated into this exporter, there are more total fields. Environment textures are on World, so it got chosen as the place.

BTW, old scenes with textures, & using the old default render, with need to be redone in cycles style nodes. With the Principled node allows for easy hook up. Properties exported when using PBR.

Never made a picture of the STD export mapping.


if I use “BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh …”
Does the camera and the world matter?

Another issue seems to me that I found a bug.
If in blender I select the arcRotation camera is not imported to the scene in babylon.js

But if I put the universal camera if it is imported.

In this case I am using append

Last question how can I make the imported camera look exactly the same as in blender3D?

  • No, nothing but the mesh, materials, & possibly skeleton matter when using importMesh.

  • Pictures mean nothing, view log file, if you wish to see export contents / statistics. You need to have a ‘track to’ modifier for an arc rotate cam. Probably going to see the warning in the log file.

  • You probably cannot.

Ok, thanks I had not understood the documentation well.
Here they explain what you say.

One more question:
I saw that in the documentation that the camera must be at 30 °, however when importing it to babylon.js it does not maintain the same distance. Why is this?
How can I get the camera to be in the same position as in Blender3D

The Babylon.js exporter panel can be found here:

But are these world properties not of all objects in general?

Ah, I’m not sure. I also don’t have experience exporting a camera or lights using the Blender to Babylon exporter

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