Babylon.js Viewer - Model Natural Lighting


I’m using babylon model viewer.

I extend minimal configuration as below

"templates": {
    "loadingScreen": {
        "params": {
            "backgroundColor": "#FFFFF"
"scene": {
    "clearColor": {
        "r": 1,
        "g": 1,
        "b": 1
"camera": {
    "behaviors": {
        "autoRotate": {
            "type": 0
        "framing": {
            "type": 2,
            "zoomOnBoundingInfo": true,
            "zoomStopsAnimation": false
        "bouncing": {
            "type": 0
"engine": {
    "antialiasing": true


With the above configuration, I have model lighting as below

I would like to have the same lighting as the “extended” configuration, but I don’t want to extend the “extended” configuration as I don’t want to use ground, skybox etc. As below, or at least bright model without ambient shadows bottom etc.

I copied lighting configuration variables from the “extended” configuration and copied them into my configuration but unfortunately, it made the lightings darker.

Thank you in advance

The simplest way is to use the configuration which is good for you and simply dispose ground with shadows and skybox.

Hi @labris, thank you for your answer.

If I extend extended configuration, I can’t dispose of skybox and ground.

Because if I use extended config as below, and override it with my configuration I can’t dispose of the fields that are already included in the extended configuration.

<babylon id="babylon-viewer" extends="extended" configuration="/model-viewer-config.json">

I guess the reason because, the viewer configuration uses deepmerge for extension so, I only can override fields to extend the configuration but can’t get rid of fields.

You may just disable background and skybox like:

<babylon model="" skybox="false" ground="false"></babylon>


Thank you @labris, it worked. But now unfortunately I see the navbar Babylon.js logo and full-screen button. Also, the loading spinner is overridden by the default config.

I will try to override the loading image but what about disabling the navbar that default config provides?

Actually as I said, I override the navbar and loading templates then issue is resolved :slight_smile:

You can just disable the navbar -

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