Babylon viewer lighting

I was looking for a viewer to display a textured 3D gltf from Blender on a website. I came across the Babylon viewer. After installing Node.js and unpacking with npm everything works fine, testing with Apache and localhost. My problem is that the model looks a little too dark and I was wondering how I can increase the intensity of the lights a touch. Unfortunately I do not know anything about using javascript but enough to locate a file and change some settings. I did try changing settings in the Configuration/Types/shadowlight.js file. This, however, does not seem to change anything. I did not include any lights from Blender. Any help would be appreciated.

The nice thing about the viewer is that you don’t need to know javascript to use it :slight_smile:

This might help (including an example of configuring the light):

If you have questions about that or want to show the code and explain what is not working, please ask!

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