Babylon Native Date Time

Yo @bghgary or @Cedric

How do we deal with Date And Time… Basically i need some type of or to get the current time in milliseconds ?

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Hi @MackeyK24 is supported. I just tried it and I get a value.
performance is not.

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Thanks… @Cedric … Luckily conditional check still works great in native babylon so i can check for window.performance … if not defined, use window.Date…


The BABYLON.Tools.Now() checks for Performance for you, as I remember.

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Another option is to add a polyfill for Shouldn’t be too hard to add.

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Think that should be in addition to rather than another option, though. Nobody, is going direct dev here, so it has to run on a browser too, which might have performance.

Something like:

if (!performance) {
  performance = {
    now: () => 0;
    // any other functions you need

should provide the functionality anywhere outside the browser