"low fps" but visually fluid


this is the code I use to tamper myself with what I can push or not:

function time_handling() {
    console.log(globalThis.engine.getFps().toFixed() + " fps")
setInterval(time_handling, 2 * 1000);

But the issue is that t reports a “low” FPS, circa 18-19.

Honestly, the gameplay is super smooth and fluid and very fast (I have a laptop with an RTX 2060 and an i7 8750H).
nvidia-smi (GPU stats) show that the GPU is barely working and my CPU is just laughing.

But that number is deceiving.
Is it reliable? Is there another BJS way to give an indication of the performance?


have you seen:

Might help you get a better idea of what’s really going on.

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Thanks that sounds like the perfect tool :+1:

See also JS bookmarklet here, sometimes it is handy for debugging - Babylon Scene Debugging Tool - #20 by labris

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I will definitely have a look ! :+1: :+1: