Babylon Native User Input

Yo @bghgary or @Cedric … What is the story with User Input ?

How do we go about handling User Input, i see some NatibeInput class that has to deal to mouse movement in the

But how come keyboard support was not added… Is it a super complex thing to implement (thats why its not it in there yet) ?

I am trying to add support from the Babylon Toolkit to create cross platform content but i cant seem to figure out how to get user input working :frowning:

also ping @PolygonalSun

Hey @MackeyK24, for input, we’re still finishing up multi-touch support so once that’s complete, we can then add keyboard support.

As far as the complexity of implementing keyboard support, it’s not super complex but it will require creating a conversion between each platform’s keycodes and the web.

As of right now, only a single pointer is supported but input information can be accessed either via the DeviceSourceManager or by directly using the onPointerObservable in a scene. I’ll keep you posted once the rest of the work is finished.

Thanks @PolygonalSun