VR/WebXR game with SteamVR/Oculus integration

Hi, I’m looking into using BabylonJS for my game/project that I intend to release on Steam and Oculus stores, so it would have to work with SteamVR and Oculus stuff. I’m very early into BabylonJS (and game development), and I haven’t found anything yet that showcases this is even possible to do…

My idea was to wrap it with Electron or maybe use Babylon Native, but I am still confused on if it would work or not. Does anyone have any insights for this? Has anyone tried it before?


oh it will work. This is how @julien-moreau is creating his editor (editor.babylonj.com):

BabylonJS/Editor: Community managed visual editor for Babylon.js (github.com)

@Deltakosh Does WebXR work in Electron now? Last time I checked getting it to work sounded like a very gnarly process, but it might be much better now.

@BrunoDB3 Babylon Native does prioritize XR pretty heavily, but the emphasis so far has been on AR (phone and HoloLens) rather than VR, so support for Oculus is still not implemented. I would double-check the status of Electron’s WebXR support, and if you find that that won’t work for you, create an issue on the Babylon Native repo to request support for Oculus platforms. I can’t guarantee we’d be able to get to it quickly, but creating an issue like that is the surest way to get the priority on the radar. :slight_smile:

I’m also unsure but I think it was improved (I could be wrong) Maybe @julien-moreau knows?

Thanks for the resources! It seems like working with WebXR is rougher than I anticipated, but seems to be doable. Even with the gnarly ways of Electron, it can be done at least. I haven’t found anything yet mentioning that it has improved though…

And in terms of Babylon Native, it seems that Oculus support isn’t much requested or worked on, but hopefully it will be, it would be really nice :slight_smile: