BABYLON.PhotoDome causes WebGL warning: uniformBlockBinding, using Firefox

As soon as I call
new BABYLON.PhotoDome
I get a
WebGL warning: uniformBlockBinding: blockIndex (4294967295) must be less than ACTIVE_UNIFORM_BLOCKS (2). engine.uniformBuffer.ts:140:13

You may reproduce it in

macOS, Firefox but not Chrome!

Firefox Developer Edition 78.0b2 (64Bit)

I don’t have this error with firefox 76.0.1 on Windows:

So it seems specific to MacOS.

The odd value 4294967295 is 0xFFFFFFFF or -1
It is retuned by this._gl.getUniformBlockIndex(program, blockName);
So it’s the implementation of gl in mac Firefox Developer Edition 78.0b1 (64Bit) ?
Chrome is ok: Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Looks like I have to teleport this issue to Firefox :-/

I will tell you …


Got response from Morzilla (see link abow)
Interesting, sounds complicated, does not solve the warning I get
and I do not have any clue what they are talking about, you?. :dizzy_face:

I don’t understand the answer, it seems related to something else (Sponza is a 3D scene used in a Babylon demo).

Did you try webgl.disable-angle = false? I think you would need to close and restart Firefox after this change.

I tested webgl.disable-angle = false and now true also, restarted Firefox-Developer, even installed the “normal” Firefox: No better :frowning:

So the simple backgroundPhotoDome Playground does not use Sponza? Puzzeling!

Firefox seems to be a bit odd. I also see a lot of CSS-Errors with all Playgrounds in Firefox only:

Error in parsing value for ‘width’. Declaration dropped. []
Elements matching selector: #animation-curve-editor .content .graph-chart .playhead

I will check with Chrome next time before I blame BJS again.
Morzilla put this topic to low, but there still is hope.