Babylon Playground use babylon format model export the GLB format, the animation is lost?

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The character bone animation in this case, after using Playground to export GLB format, the animation is ignored .


I think the glb exporter only handles animations created from transform nodes, and because the animations loaded from the .babylon file in the PG are regular bone animations, they are not exported.

I know, thank you very much.

I created Ranges with code, but played animation ranges, no effect, I don’t know why.
prova | Babylon.js Playground (

With glTF files, it’s not the bones of the skeleton that are updated, but the transform nodes (there is a step which copies the matrix from the transform nodes to the bones).

So, you should use or animationGroup.start to start an animation in this case. Starting an animation on the skeleton won’t work.

I understand, thank you very much.